Love Your Weird Video

So that whole thing about more regular updates?  Well..

BUT! thanks to the Queen’s Poetry Slam, a full video of the “Love Your Weird” performance I did in Kingston has been brought to the internet.  And now you can catch it here.


Love Your Weird Tour Underway

Wow!  Holy hell did I have a fun time at St. Catharines last night as I kicked off the Love Your Weird tour.  And what a wild ride it’s been to get to this point.  Monday and Tuesday I finished writing the show, and last night was my first chance to perform it for a live audience.  I was about as nervous as one could be to do so: the show’s pushing me out of my comfort zone as both a writer and performer, and I had no idea if the set would be a disaster – or worse, TEDIOUS!

I don't know how I thought a man in a kilt could ever be considered tedious, though...

I don’t know how I thought a man in a kilt could ever be considered tedious, though…

Well, the cats at St. Catharines are among the most supportive you’ll meet, and it felt like everything was well-received.  I can say with certainty that at least one person received it well, my friend Bassam, who described the show as “cinnamon dust bunnies loaded into dynamite q-tips.”

Well, shit!  That’s what I was hoping to hear.  If that stokes your curiosity, I’ll be at Capital Slam in Ottawa tonight at Maxwell’s on Elgin, Throw Collective in Montreal tomorrow at Le Divan Orange, and then back into the GTA region late next week following a Wednesday night workshop at McGill put on by the McSWAY club.  You can also find the full schedule here.

But if you’re curiosity’s not quite totally stoked, here’s a little taste of the show to stoke it:

“and i would go so far as to say
we are all love songs.

but not love.
no. not LoooOoove.

not a candy cane soap opera
or a sweet and sour sugar glaze.

not a shot of butterscotch
or a toffee pudding after story.

nor a cheese-dip yoga pose,
a cocoa buffet,
or a meat strip slather party.

no. love like a sweat stain.

like a drunk rabbit dodging cats.

like a pickpocket handshake,
a jalapeno slaughterhouse,
a blood-stained high heel.

like a barbed wire massage
and nothing but sore muscles,

a puddle of dust turned microverse,

a cook-fire,

a four-pronged tuning fork
bent out of shape,

a ravishing wildebeest,

an atomic bomb
whispering the only word it knows –


the way we didn’t speak for two hours
only looked at one another
after i handed her a note which read
if eyes were lips,
when ours met there was a furious make-out session.”

Anthropocalypse Now!

Last night was awesome!

As might be expected from an opening night performance of The Anthropocalypse at Victoria Fringe Festival, it may have been a little rough around some of the edges, but when aren’t we?  The review might not have been all that good, but we think the description of our show as “industrial-strength, unrelenting trippiness” is just awesome.  So if you like that sort of thing – unlike the Times-Colonist reporter who described it as such – look out for a time to catch it!

Speaking of unrelenting trippiness, a great debt of gratitude to the man who has been running us around parks and empty spaces in an effort to fine tune The Anthropocalypse into an even more psychedelic trip, Graham UG McDonald.  He’s done more than coordinate our movement and our light – he’s improved both of us as poets and performers.

A MacRae and a McDonald, taking a break from rehearsing the end of humanity.

A MacRae and a McDonald, taking a break from rehearsing the end of humanity.

If you’re in Victoria, and want to support our efforts to save humanity from itself, come check out The Anthropocalypse at the Victoria Events Centre one of these dates:

Friday, August 22nd: 10:15 PM
Saturday, August 23rd: 6:30 PM
Monday, August 25th: 6:15 PM
Friday, August 29th: 6:00 PM
Saturday, August 30th: 7:45 PM

Holy Fringe!

It’s happening!  It’s finally happening!  Today, after four and some-odd years of working at our psychedelic talk opera, 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac will begin our first Fringe Festival experience.  Tonight we’ll perform a two minute preview of our show at the opening event, after spending a few hours working on tech and rehearsing with Graham Ug McDonald, our director.  Tomorrow… The Anthropocalypse begins – in Victoria.

August 21-31 @ Venue 1
The Victoria Event Centre
1415 Broad Street

August 21 @ 8:15pm (Thursday)
August 22 @ 10:15pm (Friday)
August 23 @ 6:30pm (Saturday)
August 25 @ 6:15pm (Monday)
August 29 @ 6:00pm (Friday)
August 30 @ 7:45pm (Saturday)

“Rollicking, literate, spirited, shameless, by turns profound and absurd, The Anthropocalypse will terrify and uplift you like only two swarthy barefoot poets can.” ~ Scott Cook

Poster by the endlessly talented Leia Herrera.

Poster by the endlessly talented Leia Herrera.